TOEIC®必勝TIPS 001: About の用法


1 付随  There’s something about this that doesn&#82…

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TOEIC® 練習問題016: are, was, were or have

【練習問題】 空欄に最も適切な選択肢を(A)~(D)から選択してください。 Second quarter sa…

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TOEIC® 練習問題015: installed install, installing or installation

【練習問題】 The work crew is _____ a new floor structure to …

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TOEIC®練習問題014: substantive, considerate, sedentary or considerable?

considerate, considerable, or substantive?

【練習問題】 The ePhone and the ePhone Ultra have captured __…

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TOEIC®練習問題013: expanded, would expand, to expand or expanding?

expanding? to expand?

【練習問題】 Our market survey suggested that _____ our produ…

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TOEIC®練習問題012: on, about, as or in?

viewed in or viewed as?

【練習問題】 I’m sorry, but the rules state that taking…

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TOEIC®練習問題011: Listening 02

【練習問題】 以下の動画(音声)を再生して、画像のサインの意味について適した答えを選択してください。 (A) …

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TOEIC®練習問題010: either, all, none or any?


【練習問題】 I would be fine with _____ of the two candidates…

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TOEIC®練習問題009: strategic, strategies, strategically or strategize?

strategy, strategic, or strategize

【練習問題】 My company called everyone at the manager level …

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TOEIC®練習問題008: next, lately, recently or nowadays?


【練習問題】 Not everyone was happy with the budget resolutio…

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